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Thread: Win the Best Folding Bike - or Don't Wait - Buy One Now!

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    Smile Win the Best Folding Bike - or Don't Wait - Buy One Now!

    BoatBuzz is giving away a pair of CarryMe USA bikes to celebrate its launch. Read how to be eligible to win here.

    But, you don't have to wait to own these bikes. Learn more about them and use the Order Now Form to purchase your bikes.

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    Folding bikes

    Are they blue? I look good on blue.

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    These folding bikes are great to take on our boat trips, when we want to explore the area but do not have access to a car!

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    what size wheels do they have? not little 20" circus bike wheels - i hope!!

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    They come in 3 colors and the Sky Blue is sweeeeet!

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    Nice article about this folding bike in Multihulls Magazine.

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    Could really use these bikes when we explore the cool anchorages surrounding the Chesapeake Bay.

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    So how much are they, and how to order?

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