Headed north through Southport, NC this spring? Visit Southport Marina!


[B][U]Weather and Navigation Briefs at the Dock [/U][/B][B][U]at Southport Marina

Headed north through Southport, NC this spring? The two things we hear most in discussions amongst cruisers are concerns for coastal weather, winds and seas and navigation issues on the ICW. Well Southport Marina, in historic Southport NC, decided to do something about it.

Teaming with Carolina Yacht Care (cYc) and Zimmerman Marine, Southport Marina invites you to join them during the Spring 2014 transient season for daily “[I]Weather and Navigation Briefs on the Dock[/I]” - a free, one of a kind service geared towards transiting boaters. These informal discussions are an opportunity for you to join fellow cruisers at the end of the day for a presentation and interactive discussion on weather and navigation issues for the next leg of your journey.

Retired US Navy meteorologist, cruising sailor and owner of Carolina Yacht Care - Hank Pomeranz, will host the daily discussions. Hank will review the current National Weather Service advisories, watches and warnings, analyses and forecast charts and discuss the resultant forecasts for winds and seas, precipitation, temperatures, fog and severe weather potential for the Carolina coast north of Southport.

On the ICW navigation side, Hank will draw from the US Army Corps of Engineers surveys, Notices to Mariners, recent fellow cruiser postings in cooperation with Salty Southeast Cruiser’s Net and local knowledge.
And, you won’t have to memorize everything presented. They’ll have handouts you can take back to your boat and review at your leisure.

[B]Briefings will be held daily from 2 April 2014 through 15 June 2014 at the marina docks. [/B]

[B]Daily “Weather and Navigation Briefs at the Dock”: yet another great reason to
stop and stay with us at Southport Marina.

Contact us for information.[/B]