May 1st - Opening Day for Kingman Yacht Center's 84th Boating Season!


Sunday, May 1st
Opening Day for Kingman Yacht Center’s 84th Boating Season!
The Kingman Launch and Fuel Dock open at 8AM

Tips on Getting Your Boat Ready for Launch:
Safety Equipment and Paperwork

We’ve written a lot this off-season about structural and mechanical items to consider before your boat is launched. We’ve begun launching season, so it’s time to make sure the all the details are considered. Like compliance and paperwork. Today, let’s check the glovebox and safety locker.
[li]Be sure that you’ve got wearable, properly sized life jackets for each passenger, including children and pets. If you stow inflatable vests, make sure that their cartridges are up to date.[/li][li]Inspect your man overboard recovery gear and ensure that your ditch bag is complete.[/li][li]Check the expiration dates on your flares and make sure that fire extinguishers are fully charged.[/li][li]Test your bilge, CO and smoke alarms to ensure that they’re working properly.[/li][li]Replace old charts and tide books. Updates may also be available for your GPS software, so check with your dealer or go to the manufacturer’s web site[/li][LIST]

[li]Make sure your boat’s registration/documentation is current and on board, and that registered boats have the proper registration and mooring stickers applied to the hull.[/li][li]Ensure that your boat insurance policy is up to date and adequate, and that your marina has a copy of your certificate of insurance.[/li][li]Make an appointment to get a free vessel safety check from your local power squadron or CG Auxilary. These volunteer inspectors will be able to tell you what other equipment and items are required for your specific boat. If you’re in the area, you can have your boat inspected for free at Kingman Yacht Center on June 25th.[/li][/LIST]